Eugene ‘Moe’ Thomas is a talented artist born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky. From a young age, Moe was fascinated by the world of art and began exploring his creative potential, which sparked his passion for art.

Moe is a second-generation artist, with his father, Eugene Thomas, also being a well-known and successful artist who unfortunately passed away. As a result, art runs deep in Moe's bloodline, and he has inherited his father's creativity and artistic abilities.

Moe's talent has not gone unnoticed, as he collaborated with a local business company to help get their clothing line into Finish Line stores. Additionally, Moe created his own clothing line that paid homage to Louisville's annual dirt bowl basketball tournament through his T-shirt design of Cornell Bradley. He also contributed and donated his artwork to Louisville Metro Parks.

Moe's recent artwork caught the attention of the Owensboro Museum of Art, where it was displayed in the Artful Connections showcase in 2022. This recognition has been a significant milestone in Moe's career. He continues to create inspiring and thought-provoking artwork which will be on display during his solo art exhibit, Renaissance of Souls, in July 2023.

About Eugene ‘Moe’ Thomas’ Artwork

Moe is an artist who draws inspiration from frequencies and vibrations. His body of art is characterized by its soulful and spiritual nature, evoking deep emotions within the viewer. Each painting holds a distinct energy that Moe taps into during his creative process. Influenced by people, songs, and specific feelings, Moe's paintings reflect his unique connection to energy and the frequencies that manifest in his mind.

Through his art, he invite viewers to explore the depths of their own emotions and to connect with the intangible forces that shape our existence. Moe's creativity remains boundless as he continues to expand and evolve as an artist.